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10 July 2011 8:13 PMPosted by Anna McQueen & Hannah Thompson

1234 smile ......

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1234 festival in Shoreditch Park this weekend attracted some of London's most well dressed music lovers and here are a few of them......

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02 July 2011 11:47 AMPosted by Anna McQueen & Hannah Thompson

CATS CLAWS paint their paws with AMERICAN APPARELS new neons

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American Apparel have launched an exciting new limited range of nail lacquers in 6 vibrant Neon colours.

The nail lacquers are priced at £7 each or 3 for £17, available on line or in store

To purchase on line click here



Nail artist CATS CLAWS got their paws on the new collection and made them into something beautiful....

Nails nails pg

CATS CLAWS would like to thank nail models Sammy and Gabi x

Nails nails nails

If you would like your own set of pretty paws  please click here to visit the CATS CLAWS Facebook page for contact details and prices or text 07779032083 x