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PRANGSTA costumier and treasure trove

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Whilst styling for an event this week I came across this back street gem of a costumier in New Cross, South London. This place is the ultimate dressing up box, the kind I dreamed of as a child- well as an adult too; you never really grow out of the love of dressing up. It is a treasure trove of enchanting and beautifully hand made theatrical costumes, ornate and decadent and they are all available for hire. Founded by Melanie Wilson back in 1998, costumes have been reworked and recycled from vintage pieces and others are made bespoke. They also run dress making classes for more details visit thier website (below).

I just can't believe that i didn't know about this before and have been wasting my money on mass produced, polyester fancy dress costumes all these years! 

Prangsta Shop Front



Prangsta Boudoir



304 New Cross Road


SE14 6AF

0208 694 9869

Click here to visit the website

Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm by appointment, so call ahead first

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